Health and Safety

Health and Safety is about building a company ethos that all employees believe in and operate under that insures all employees get home safely each night. It is the duty of all employees to uphold their own personal standards in regard to health and safety, this in turn will help insure the well being of all other operatives and minimise the amount of on-site incidence.

EP Ceramics employ the service of an Independent Health & Safety Advisor. This insures that all avenues are met and no stone is un turned in carrying out the correct health & safety procedures. Along with this, the Independent Advisor challenges all employees’ health & safety standards and pushes them to constantly be higher. ‘Life is too fragile to be risked and if it is a small simple procedure or action that can prevent this then there should be no question asked’.

It is our responsibility as a company to promise that our employees go home safely each night and nobody else is harmed or put in danger by any of our works or operations. All our staff has undertaken internal training on the importance and fundamental aspect that help insure that they return home safely every day.

All managers and operatives have passed CSCS Health & Safety test and hold valid.


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